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Get an answer to the questions your afraid to ask!

Thanks for visiting the official site of AskCoachJenn.  If you have a question you are afraid to ask your parents or teacher or friends AskCoachJenn!

This platform offers a unique journey through honest, entertaining and engaging video content, which is always growing and changing. Start browsing through the collection of videos now!

I appreciate your subscription to the channel and the shares. AskCoachJenn!


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This website started from the idea and request of many students and young adults over the years that have asked for a source to ask questions they otherwise were embarrassed to ask. Throughout the development of this project, it turned into its own form of phenomena . AskCoachJenn uses the technology in your pocket to engage and display videos that answer the hard questions with great storytelling, No BS at the heart of all the videos.

AskCoachJenn is proud of the growing community of users who visit this site, offer their feedback and suggest future collaborations. If you’d like to join this community, or discuss working together - get in touch today.

Disclaimer: Please note if you are struggle with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or any other mental health related issues please seek professional help in your community.

For immediate help please call

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


or 911




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What to do if you get pulled over? Got A Ticket? -Be A Brain Owner with Ask Coach Jenn

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Why can't it just be summer?

What's with Financial Aid

How To Get A Job

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